Meet Dotsi Single

I'm so excited you've stopped by!  I grew up in Palm Beach and Northern Europe. I’ve spent most of my life entertaining and creating stylish, comfortable spaces for family, friends and neighbors. My style influencers were the homes of my friends in Palm Beach, the homes in Belgium, France and England and my number one style influencer – my Mom. She is so creative – fabrics, furniture, and flowers – she’s magical! I'll be featuring her great work here as well.

Mr. Single and I share our time between horse country in Northern Virginia outside DC and Palm Beach. I have my favorite treasure hunting grounds in both places.  You'll see my finds in the shop.  If there is something special you are looking for and can't seem to locate - send me a note - I'll get on the case!

My mission is to share my love of entertaining and high end design for real life – comfortable chic – Palm Beach bungalow style. This style works whether your home is in Palm Beach, DC, Dallas or LA. Doesn’t matter if your home is a 10-room mansion or a 2-bedroom apartment. It’s all about surrounding yourself with the things you love in the right scale.

Having a stylish life doesn’t have to break the bank. I have lots to share about finding fabulous treasures for all budgets to create or enhance great spaces.

If you love chinoiserie, blue and white porcelain pieces, regency style décor, treasure hunting and hearing from your guests, “I love your house – it’s so warm and inviting” – let’s explore together!