Interior Views

“Look at that beautiful view!”  When we hear people talk about a great view – we immediately think of looking out a window, off a back deck or front porch.  We think of mountains, gardens or bodies of water.  Today, I was inspired by a view inside my home in Virginia.  I’m calling this an “Interior View.”

It’s been raining for days here in the mid-Atlantic and the constant gray skies cause the need to have lights on during the days.  Today, there was no rain and the sun has been out all day!!  😊

From my spot on the couch, as I enjoyed the sun shining through the windows which flank the fireplace, I began to appreciate my view from the couch ~ my interior views.

I decided to embark on a mission around the house to examine the Interior View from each vantage point (seat).  It was fun – like “micro-decorating” – adjusting not just a particular vignette – but multiple so that the view from where I sat – was pleasing.  I used pieces I had in my (many) collections.  Moving things from one floor and room to the next.  It won’t happen all at once, just when I get a burst of creativity.  Sometimes I just make note of “this spot needs something…”. Then two days later, I come across the PERFECT thing and BOOM – another excellent interview view 😊  The perfect time to do this is when the seasons change and your décor goes through a natural update.

Your home’s décor should be a journey, not a destination.


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